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Global Announcement
25th January, 2006 until 25th February, 2026
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Help support AOA! / Forum Rules

Subscription Membership
AOA costs money to run - servers and bandwidth does not grow on trees, contrary to popular rumour. In the past, we have accepted donations on an 'ad-hoc' basis, grateful for each and every donation made. However, there comes a time when we need to be more organised than ad-hoc donations allowed us to be. We took the decision to implement a subscription system based around Paypal.

Click HERE to subscribe!

Subscription Benefits
Recognising that those who choose to subscribe would like to see something in return, we have implemented some features specifically just for subscribers. At the current point in time, these features include:
  • Disabling all but the top advert banner to free up the width of the page for the forum.
  • Custom Titles! You choose what you want your title to be - no more plain "member"!
  • Access to the Staff and Subscribers topic, allowing Subscribers to influence the development of AOA.

Click HERE to subscribe!

The Small Print
Access to the Staff and Subscribers topic is afforded to subscribers, so that we might have the benefit of their advice. Whilst AOA is not bound to follow that advice, we strive to understand the concerns and preferences of our members. We find having such input useful in making those decisions that confront the Admin team from time to time. Needless to say, the decisions made on AOA's behalf fall to the Admin team to make. With this decision, we are making a real effort to take into consideration the views and feelings of those who care most about AOA. Those who have the time and willingness to consider her future and support her financially.

As always, the normal rules of behavour on AOA apply to the Staff and Subscribers topic. Those who join and cannot properly restrain themselves will face the same banning as any other user who violates the rules. In the event that a subscribing member has to be banned NO REFUNDS will be offered or given for fees paid. Subscriber membership in the Subscriber Topic is a privilege, not a right. To abuse a privilege is to lose it.

There are some restrictions on the custom titles. As this is a family-friendly forum, swearing/cussing and other words that are normally unacceptable in posts will also be considered unacceptable in custom titles. Additionally, you cannot use the custom title to imply any level of staff access. For example "M4d Sk1llz )vercl0ck3r" is acceptable, but "Chief Engineer" is not. The final decision as to the acceptablity of a custom title lies with the admin team.

Cancelling a subscription
Whilst we'd hope you wouldn't want to cancel a subscription, there may be times when it is not appropriate to continue the subscription. To cancel the subscription, you need to log into your Palpal account and cancel the subscription from there. Your subscriber status on AOA will continue until the end of the time period paid up.

Unfortunately due to the costs incurred we cannot provide any refunds for subscriptions already paid. All decisions from the AOA admin team are final.
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