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skool h8r 30th January, 2005 07:40 PM

'Intelligent LED' mod
hi all,
I had a thought about a new idea for an LED mod. It's actually LED'S that can be programmed to go through a sequence and run it continusly.

What you'll need is an IQ controller board (i think that's what it's called) and 6 LEDS (any size, check below for more info)(choose different colours for nicer effects). You'll also need a connector (to solder 2 wires) or another way to connect it to a molex, pliers, soldering iron and solder, a spare power connector in your computer. Also, if you plan to use this mod at the back of your computer, make sure you have the holes in the back of your case where you can slot the LED's in. Right, now that's sorted, lets get down to business. On your IQ board, you will notice that there are 4 different pairs of connectors, the first one is named P, the second is 1, the third is 2 and the last one is 3. Do not solder anything to P. Take an LED and carefully, solder the negative prong to the negative connector at 1. Do the same but this time for the positive connector. Solder another LED to 1 in the same way. Solder another LED to number 2 on the board just like you did with LED 1. Do the same with another LED. You should now have 2 LED's remaining. Solder the remaining 2 to number 3 on the board as you did with led's 1 and 2. Now the connector. You should cut off the connector that is supplied with the board. Once you have done that, you will be left with 2 wires trailing from the board, 1 positive(red), 1 negative(black). You need to connect the wires to a molex connector, i would recommend that you connect the red wire to the far right slot (when the nothes are at the top) and the black wire in the one next to it. Then you just simply plug it in. Try to find somewhere you can fix the board without it being too noticable. Then, simply arrange the LEDS how you want them to go. There are 5 buttons on the board, 1, 2, 3, memory and run. To program the board, first switch the computer on and then simply press the button that relates to the connector on the board, then press memory, press another key (1, 2 or 3), then press memory and continue like that. Try not to make the sequence too long or it may not work. When you have finished, simply press the run button.

A bit long and not too detailed but it gives a general example of how to do this mod. Any opinions?

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