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The_Silverite 25th May, 2002 04:07 AM

A few Q's for the Gurus here
OK, I've got a Antec Performance Plus Black server case (the one with the door and the concealed firwire and 2 US ports up front), and I've got a few questions, mostly on LEDs and Baybus's. (I'm asking here because there's way too many casemodding sites out there with no real info on what I need at all, so I'm hoping that someone here with a lot of experience in this field can save me some bandwidth and time (dial-up is cool though))

1= I remember reading something somewhere about using a thermostat to control your fanbus 9automatically going to 12v when the processor gets too hot). Wasn't this called the "Digital Baybus" or something? Where can I find the info again?

2= I'm gonna need bright green cathodes and LEDs. lots of them. I'm also on a budget. What company can hook me up here?

3= Is there a way to set up a circuit to make a cathode dim and get bright (like, an oscillation)?

4= I'm gonna be needing some of that light tape stuff. What's the best kind out there (I know this is more opinion-baseed, but that's cool. I want opinions)?

5= Will Mineral Oil work alright in most water-cooling setups? (I'd rather have a leak result in a mess rather than result in a short)

And why the hell are water cooling setups so expensive? I saw a copper block being sold for $40, and that's just a block, by itself.

All replies are appreciated, thanks for bothering to read this, and have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Random Nonsense 25th May, 2002 01:42 PM

temp adjustable fans arent really all that good, you dont want it getting to 50c really and going full blast, u want it full blast lower down so it never gets that hot......

the cathode throbber circuits are out there, but im not sure i can link u, due to the rules about advertising non allied sites.

these guys have most things u need tho!

Case Etc

cloasters 25th May, 2002 05:33 PM

Welcome to AOA's Forums, The_Silverite!

Why is everything so expensive. Perhaps a good? side to the expense of water cooling gear is that one would think that the cost will make Joe I Want H20 Cooling more careful when putting it together?

AFAIK, water cooling doesn't HAVE to be so expensive. However, junkyard crawling, followed by de-greasing seems to be required to make the cost more reasonable.

I know VERY little about liquid cooling. My guess is that mineral oil's viscosity prevents its use a substitute for water.

Edit. is running at least one article about inexpensive water cooling on their front page. Worth a look.

Random Nonsense 25th May, 2002 06:02 PM

also its nowhere near as good as water to cool the CPU..... just cant remove the same amount of heat.

the most expensive part i have found is the pump, you really shouldnt skimp on this, and research it a lot! i bought a £40 pump, and it was useless for what i originally wanted!

I made a waterblock for the price of a bit of epoxy and plexiglass, worked great until i found out why marine epoxy is the glue of choice when water is involved!

The Spyder 25th May, 2002 07:41 PM

Mineral oil is harder for most pumps to work with- they have a greater "mass: to move and wear out small pumps- PM me if you want the link to a retailer that sells CC 12inch for $20- I would not want to have a variable cold cathode setup- it would fry the inverter too fast probably-

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