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punk_pete 26th June, 2002 07:24 PM

waterproof epoxy resin?
I need some waterproof glue for my first watercooling project, im cooling a k6 with a beer bottle. :D i havnt tried anything with water before, but acording to random nonsense ordinary epoxy doesnt like water. Can anyone recomend a good brand, and where am i likely to be able to find it? <im in the UK btw>

Random Nonsense 26th June, 2002 07:40 PM

Spode has some epoxy putty that is waterproof, Its ugly stuff though. Ask him where he got it! he might even send you some if you ask him really nicely!

drow_elf 26th June, 2002 09:27 PM

with a beer bottle? do tell more!

surlyjoe 26th June, 2002 10:10 PM

jb weld holds up to water just fine :-D

Bender 30th June, 2002 09:31 PM

I went to ace hardware and picked up some waterproof epoxy for my res. It looks exactly like the normal 2 part epoxy but costs a little more. So far the epoxy seems to be holding up fine. I used it to make a small clear res that attaches directly to my Maxi-Jet 1200. I used a pop bottle cap for a screw on lid. I needed something small since I am confined by my Micro ATX case. I am so happy I decided to make a res for this thing. To fill the system all I do is squirt water in with a water bottle. No more bleeding for me!

Spode 30th June, 2002 11:05 PM

Epoxy Putty is great stuff, they repair sinks with it. And you can handle it like play-dough.

I had a bad habit of putting far too much on, making it look ugly. But hell, you can paint it!

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