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Claudius 27th June, 2002 04:42 PM

Alternitives to radiators?
Does anyone use a good alternitive to a radiator? Sure they're easy and effective, but I'm not a fan of the size and noise .

Why not use a peltier to lower the temp of the coolant? You could use another block, a peltier, and a heat sink for the hot side of the peltier.
You could even connect a couple of these in series to cool the water in steps (so the heat sinks don't get as hot).


Random Nonsense 27th June, 2002 04:51 PM

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Problem with peltiers is they are grossly in-efficient. To get the same performance from a TEC instead of a rad, the heatsink would have to be the size of your case! Its doable, but not nearly as effective. A 2 litre reservoir could cope with my XP1800 no problem 31c load temps!

You could use an Evaporative cooler or "bong" i have one down my shed, they can be made quiet, and small, (mines a traditional one, huge, and sounds like a waterfall) Only real problem is you cannot use water additives, and are very high maintenance, they evaporate water at quite a rate!

You could even go silly and put a simple copper coil into a bucket of water in a freezer! this will be fairly efficient and give excellent results!

JFettig 28th June, 2002 02:40 PM

im hopefully gonna be making a twisterbong! that would be fun and cool!!! i got it all designed in my head, and i know how itll work...

webmedic 28th June, 2002 06:45 PM

Well I tried a pelt chilled resevore. Here:

These were some of my earlier designs. I refined it more later. Anyway the thing about getting good cooling out of pelts is that I had to use big fans with lots of airflow for the heatsink on the hot side to get any kind of good cooling.

Whithout that you will get temps about the same as a middle of the line air cooler but the pelt ssytem whithout a radiator in the line will not be able to get rid of the heat and will continue to rise even after days of use. It won't be much but after a few days it will be a few c warmer.

JFettig 28th June, 2002 07:58 PM

i bet you could get a minijet, and watercool that pelt, but get a bigger one, and still use that radiator.... it would make it just a little bit bigger... then it mite start to chill the water...

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