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superally 27th June, 2002 09:58 PM

Easy question (?) - how hot should an Athlon XP run?
That's about it really! It's not o/c'd (yet), just a plain old 1700XP. Speedfan reports that it's running at 59C, although this drops to 48 when I just take the side cover off. Definitely going to get around to sticking in a couple of case fans (cf a previous thread) but just curious to know what I should be looking for.



Random Nonsense 28th June, 2002 12:11 AM

in short, TOO HOT if 48c was with the case panel on and at full load, i wouldnt be too worried, but that is not the case. 1st order of business, take off the heatsink, i would guess you will find "chewing gum" under it, clean the sink and CPU thouroughly with white spirit, and then something like isopropanol to remove any oil residue. Now replace with thermal grease (Arctic silver 3 is pretty much standard, though general silicon stuff is fine) this should drop your temps a bit! if its still high with the case side off, maybe a new heatsink would be a good idea! what are you prepared to put up with noise, and price wise?

SiGmA_X 28th June, 2002 10:08 AM

I know this problem of overheating well. I have (Had, just sold it and bought a XP1800+) XP1900+. This chip was at about 50C.

So I asked around, read all the guides, and bought a 80mm hole saw and 3 ThermalTake fans, 4 bolts (1 2/3" long?) and 4 nuts to fit the bolts, and a 80mm fan grill. I also got 6 feet of 4" dryer duct tubing (I only used about 3 feet, just enough so that I could shut the door easily). Looking back on it, I should have also gotten about a foot of PVC beading, and 4 rubber/plastic washers.

I decided on cutting the hole directly above the HSF, so I marked off where the HSF was on the case door. Then I measured a 80mm circle, and however long it is for the screws from one to the other, diagonally. I drilled 4 small (Sorry, forgot the hole size) screw holes, that were to fit bolts for the ThermalTake fans. Then I drilled the 80mm hole. If I was doing it again, I would put the PVC beading around the hole now, and the rubber washers on the bolds between the fan and the case. What I did was to simply attach the fan grill to the case and the case to the fan by using simple bolts and nuts. Then I took my ducting, cut it to the length I thought I would need (Always use too much. You will need more then you think!) and attached it from the side fan to the HSF fan. Do not do this unless the fans are the same CFM, because it will screw with pressures and stuff.

If you have any questions or want to look at a guide for this or something like that, ask me. I have ton's of links for this sort of stuff because of the mod I did.

SteveI 28th June, 2002 04:26 PM

What HSF are you using?
Even the retail HSF should do better than that. Reinstall the HSF as RN mentioned. Also, the 10c difference with the panel off is too much.. get those extra fans ASAP.

49c when idling is not a safe temp. It will go up significantly when loaded, so I recommend you get those temps significantly if you are thinking about overclocking.

BTW, the K7S5A seems to read a little higher temp than my 8KHA+ with the exact same setup... about 3-4c.

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