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Zodiacal 25th February, 2003 09:03 PM

memory leak i think
After about 2 weeks of uptime for my windows 2000 server it starts swaping large amounts of memory, about double what it has avalible in physical memory. what is strange is that when i view the list of proccess's they don't add up the to the total memory in use. when i reboot it works fine until it leaks again. how can i find out where the leek is?

Aedan 26th February, 2003 12:30 AM

Open task manager, select the Processes tab.

The mem usage there isn't the size of the VM however, which is probably why you couldn't add everything up. Fix this with view->Select Columns.

Select both Page Faults Delta and Virtual Memory Size, then ok the dialog. This will add two new columns to the processes list.

The page faults delta will give you an indication as to which programs are suffering from swapping.

The virtual memory size will give you an indication as to how much programs have requested, as opposed to how much they're actually using. Any program with excessive VM usage may well be suffering from a memory leak.


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