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Old 23rd January, 2003, 03:28 AM
Join Date: January 2003
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Epox 8RDA+...Some Help Please...

I'm planning to upgrade in a week or two (but want to make sure I have all the facts straight before I go on), mainly upgrading my "main pc", which is basically the motherboard, processor and memory, along with a watercooling setup. The parts I will order will be
-Epox 8RDA+ (NForce2 Board)
-AMD AthlonXP 2100+
-Corsair XMS PC3200 (DDR400) 256DDRRAM (I only have enough for one but when I have the additional money, I will get another stick to take advantage of the DualDDR Technology. For my watercooling setup, I will be using the white water's block, along with dtek's customize radiator, bay resevoir, Eheim 1024 (I might have the model # wrong but I know it's 102#). I'm also thinking about maybe getting a block for either the north or south bridge (although I don't know which one would receive more heat, or etc) and I might be getting a little ahead of myself. So mainly I would start out with the CPU and not have to worry about anything else then right? (Ie - Memory and PCI/AGP (PCI/AGP because of the lock))
So basically it's all about lowering the multipler and upping the FSB first (to match my stock speed) and of course after that, use stress programs (Prime, Toast, Folding, etc) for at least 12 hours to test it and then once stable, continue to try and get the FSB up some more until it becomes unstable. Then I would up the vcore and same thing. THEN I would start with the multipler and in the end, when I found the best thing right before it gets unstable + great temperatures and also hopefully a vcore that's suitable, that's mainly it?
And with multipler, FSB and vcore, I would of course be upping it little by little and not in huge chunks...
Thanks for the help
BTW, is there anything I'm missing about OCing or ???, if anything, please tell me so I know and etc. I'm still somewhat confused about how memory involves the OCing and etc. Thanks!
Actually, what about burning in before overclocking...How do you go about it...

Last edited by SpyderX; 23rd January, 2003 at 04:57 AM.
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Old 24th January, 2003, 07:15 AM
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looks like nobody else is going to touch this so i'll give it a try. please understand that this is a recent addiction, so i'm certainly not an authority. here's what i did.
first, read ALL the threads on settings, especially memory. go with relaxed mem timings to start. keep cpu multi at default until you max out. that will be approx limits of cpu. if you bought tbred B 2100, should be in range of 2.3-2.4 So start at 1.9 (1900/default multi=fsb setting) and work up 2 fsb at a time, increase voltage a notch each time you crash. i run 3DMark between increases until it locks up, then increase cpu voltage. keep repeating until you get to a cpu voltage that starts to scare you/gets too hot.
then do the math. contemplate various combos of multi's (lower) and fsb which produce max cpu mhz (2300-2400 or whatever you determine from above). go with lower multi than you think will be optimal and test max fsb and memory speed. here is where the mem timings start to get important. the more aggresive your timings, the lower fsb you will be able to reach. go to max fsb with slower timings, then repeat with more aggresive timings. you can also adjust vdimm up and see if it helps, similar to process with cpu volts.
after all that, and assuming you have been watching your temps along the way, you'll have to decide whats the best mix of multi, fsb and volts and test it. when you thing you have it, run Prime95 for 24 hours to verify stability. then tweak some more, as often times you'll be able to get more once you have cpu/mem burned in. finally, keep in mind that some memories perform better if you slowly burn them in, rather than just going for max out of the box. patience pays off. thats the general process. it ain't rocket science, but everybody has their own special tweaks.
unless you are smarter/luckier than i, you will undoubtedly screw something up along the way. most of the problems can be avoided if you spend the time to read as much as possible in this forum. you should find just about everything you need. if not, ask for help.
just a suggestion, but read the forum rules. this subject is probably more appropriate to another general topic on overclocking.
suggested threads/subjects to read up on: nb and mofset cooling, general settings, bios releases, mem timings
good luck!
8RDA3+ rev3.1, Taipan bios
2500XP-M, IQYHA 0407,
11x230, vcore 1.75,vdd 1.8, vdimm 2.9
2x256twinmos/winbond3200 11,3,3,2.5
innovatek/black ice watercooled 40C/43C, sys 28C
antek 430true
Radeon9700Pro, 360/330
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Old 24th January, 2003, 06:32 PM
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And Another Thing...

That dual a load!...from the bang-4-the-buck's sure NOt worth the price of another stick of any type of ram...and corsair is very touchy about how you set the timings...and unless U've got hours & hours to beat...bang...twist...turn...pull & cuss...U may get more enjoyment outta stamp collecting...
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