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Old 27th December, 2001, 09:47 PM
Mushkin Rules's Avatar
Join Date: December 2001
Posts: 39

8KHA+ Not Working With Athlon 100 MHz ??!!!

This problem was asked first by rpr here:


Thanks for all the helpful info you have compiled here. I am having major problems with my 8KHA+, and am pretty sure it is a defective board, but I figured I would see if you have any other thoughts.

The first time I powered the board up, I posted and booted off the WinXP CD. I formatted my new hard drive in NTFS (not the "quick" option). At the end of the format process, I received an error prompt: "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". Thinking it was a hardware conflict, I powered down and removed all my hardware except for my video card (ATI 32MB DDR Radeon AGP). I have since tried to re-post about 20 times. All but one time I got absolutely no video signal to the monitor (the fans power up, but no beep, and the monitor stays in standby mode). I was able to post once, but it froze before I could get into the BIOS (and the video display was visibly corrupted). I get all sorts of error codes with the dignostic LEDs (any one of about 6 to 8 different codes).

I tried multiple times to re-seat my RAM and CPU, as well as my video card. This did not help, nor change any of the symptoms. I have a 431W Enermax power supply.

I have since replaced the 8KHA+ with my old motherboard (A7V133) and all is fine, indicating that it is not my Radeon video card.

Sounds to me like a defective motherboard. Any thoughts? Tx.

And this is my reply :

This is just FYI:

I was just trying to swap my processor from TBird 1.4GHz C chip (133/266) to TBird 1.2Ghz B Chip (100/200). This 1.2 GHz TBird is natively operating at 100/200 Mhz and is used on my Iwill KK266-R. I did something to the L6 Cache of 1.2 Tbird as suggested by AnandTech, to allow it to boot on Iwill KK266-R, because KK266-R is not 100% jumperless, but rather it has the 100 and 133 Mhz jumper similar to Epox 8KHA+. This is something that must be done to allow 100/200 AMD Athlon processor to be working at 133 MHz clock on mobo that is not jumperless and has 100 and 133 jumper like KK266-R and 8KHA+.

To my surprise, 1.2 GHz B Chip (100/200) TBird does not boot at all on 8KHA+ and the debug code is FF. I have tried many times and it just won't boot. There's no video signal on my monitor at all. I swap the TBird 1.4GHz C Chip back on 8KHA+ and it booted right away. Then swap again to 1.2GHz B Chip on 8KHA+, same thing no video signal. I have tried Clear CMOS and taking out the CMOS battery for 10 minutes, just no can do.

Returning the 1.2GHz TBird on KK266-R and it boots easily. Then, I am back with my 1.4 GHz TBird C Chip (133/266) on 8KHA+. Epox 8KHA+ is not working (I think) with Athlon B Chip processor that has a native 100/200 clock operation.

Btw, what processsor & type (FSB) are you using. I have IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error too when trying to fresh install Win XP on my 8KHA+ with Athlon TBird 1.4GHz C Chip (133/266) set at 158 x 10 = 1580 MHz.


rpr again:


Thanks for the quick reply. However, that info is quite disturbing. I have a 1Ghz T'Bird that has a native 100Mhz/200Mhz fsb. I have tried posting at both 100/200 and 133/266 fsb's using the jumper on the 8KHA+. No go either way.

Wouldn't an issue like this have surfaced all over the internet by now if the 8KHA+ didn't work at all with 100/200Mhz fsb T'Birds???

I actually just RMA'd the board for a replacement 8KHA+. Wher would I go to look into this further? Have you sent any info regarding this to Epox tech support yet?

My Reply :

At first reading your post, I would be guessing that you use this Athlon TBird B chip (100/200). I have tried to run my 1.2 GHz TBird B Chip (100/200) either at default 100 MHz or 133 MHz by changing the JCK1 jumper. No way to go with this either. There's no Video signal at all. I have changed 2 AGP graphic cards GeForce 2 MX from Leadtek and Inno 3D and also have changed from 17" CRT ViewSonic E70 to 17" LCD TFT Acer FP751 monitor, but still no go. I have tried many things that I can possibly think of, because I am very curious bout this, but still no Video signal at all.

At first I though, either my 8KHA+ or my 1.2GHz Tbird is damage. I have tried it with bios 8kha1b02, 8khaloo, and 8khi1c18 but no go.

The majority of 8KHA+ users is using Athlon XP+ or Athlon TBird C chip that work at default 133 MHz. That's why there's not many users report this issue. It seems that this 8KHA+ is not working with Athlon B chip (100/200), and I have not reported this issue to Epox. Can you please also email them about this issue. At least it is not working with the 3 bioses I have mentioned above or it might not be working by hardware with Athlon that has native 100 MHz.
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Old 28th December, 2001, 12:07 AM
Join Date: November 2001
Location: Sweden
Posts: 537

I tried a Duron 900 on my 8KHA+ and no boot at all.
The processor works great on both 8KTA3+ and 8K7A.

Edit: The Duron is multiplier unlocked.

Last edited by Caper; 28th December, 2001 at 02:31 AM.
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Old 28th December, 2001, 02:27 AM
Amdxp's Avatar
Join Date: December 2001
Location: Tropikana
Posts: 17

MR, I am using Duron 800 on my 8kha+ with no problem, the system boot right away as 8x100. I previously overclocked the system to 7x145 and the system was not exactly stable at all and sometimes I got this "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" type of error as well.

Until I read your config guides on the to set all the individual IRQ values, I now have very little of such blue scree. I am now running at 7 x 140fsb with no problem AT ALL (have tried 6 x 172fsb, used 3/4 mem divider, not too stable). I am using Riva Tnt 32MB AGP card.

I have once tried my friend's TB 950 cpu on my 8kha+ and have no problem as well. Overclocked at 8 x 133fsb = 1066mhz safely, though the crappy processor didnot POST at 9.5 x 133 or anything more than 1.1ghz.
Epox 8hka+ Unofficial 8khai2116.bin bios
Athlon XP 1500+ @ 1900+ (10x160)
OCZ Gladiator 7100rpm
Temp - idle 42'C , load 48'C

Last edited by Amdxp; 28th December, 2001 at 02:47 AM.
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Old 28th December, 2001, 11:34 AM
Mushkin Rules's Avatar
Join Date: December 2001
Posts: 39

I just tried again with my Athlon 1.2 GHz B chip (default is FSB 100/200 Mhz) factory unlocked, because I am very curious about this issue. I still cannot have any video signal, whether at JCK1 set at 100 or 133 MHz. Did the clear CMOS but still a no go. Before, swapping the cpu, I select both "Load Fail - Safe Defaults" AND "Load Optimized Defaults" in two different attempts, but still fail and there's still no video signal.

I do not know why, but it seems that Epox 8KHA+ does not like the 100 Mhz Athlon. I have tried it with many bios like 8khi1b02, 8khal00, and 8khi1c18 and have done the cpu manipulation on the L6 Cache to enable 100 MHz Athlon to run at 133 MHz. I also have tried by not manipulating the l6 cache, but still fail to boot.

I was wondering why
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Old 28th December, 2001, 07:07 PM
EPoX Tech's Avatar
EPoX Tech
Join Date: October 2001
Location: Seems not to matter
Posts: 4,720

Try to boot the boards with INS pressed to reset the host clock to 100MHz with JCLK1 set at 1-2.

I am actually running 1.2GHz Duron in one board here and 950 Duron over in the board tester with no problems. This is quite literally the first I have heard of this phenomenon. We pretest 100's of these boards each day to find all socket A product to be fine with 200MHz FSB processors with all of our chosen BIOS for such purposes (usually latest official release).
If you need EPoX BIOS eeproms in the UK, goto
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