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JEB 23rd December, 2002 01:39 PM

8RDA+ and Corsair XMS 3500 memory
I've seen quite a few threads on queries with this memory and MOBO, but didn't want to hi-jack anyone elses:--

I've got a 8RDA, one stick of 256Mb Corsair XMS 3500, and a XP2400.

At the moment my BIOS settings are:

System Performance: Expert
CPU Clock Ratio: 12
FSB Frequency: 167Mhz
CPU Interface: Optimal
Memory Frequency: Auto
Resulting Frequency: 166Mhz (This is computed)
Memory Timings: Turbo
T(RAS): 6
T(RCD): 2
T(RP): 2
CAS Latency: 2
FSB Spread Spectrum: Disabled (Can’t seem to change this)
AGP Spread Spectrum: Disabled (Can’t seem to change this)
AGP Aperture size Mb: 128
AGP Frequency: Auto
AGP 8X Support: Enabled
AGP Fast write capability: Enabled
CPU Thermal Throttling: 50%
System BIOS Cacheable: Disabled
Video RAM Cacheable: Disabled

DIMM Voltage reg: 2.63

Now the rig is running ok, but given that this Corsair memory is supposed to be able to run at 434Mhz, what do I need to set in the Bios to be able to make it run at it's optimal performance, and once set where do I look to ensure that it is running at that setting?

Is it as easy as setting the memory frequency to something like 200%, and then jacking up the DIMM voltage?

I've tried settings like 10x200, but it keeps freezing up then in 3D mark.

I'm happy with the way the rig runs just now, but figure that if I've spent the extra money on this memory that it'd be a shame not to use it correctly.

Whilst I'm here as well, can somone explain what the memory settings T(RAS), T(RCD) etc mean, and what actually happens when you adjust them. Be nice to know what's happening if they are being adjusted.

RacerX1 23rd December, 2002 01:57 PM

Try 10x200
Up your vdimm to 2.77
disable fastwrites
disable cpu throttling
Same timings
cpu interface to aggressive.

lastly but stick of ram in slot 1 furthest from cpu

philip 23rd December, 2002 02:35 PM


disable cpu throttling
Hi RacerX1,

Excuse me if this is a silly question. Can you explain what CPU throttling does and under what situation(s) I should have it enable? or disable?


Jay T 23rd December, 2002 02:40 PM

If that doesn't work, try 10 x 195, as 200 can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I disable CPU throttling as well, its poo.:p

JEB 23rd December, 2002 03:02 PM

Cheers - no joy here.

Tried 10x190, 10x195, 10x200 and just locks up playing 3D mark. Best I've done is 11x185 @ 5-2-2-2-2 & VDimm 2.77. That gives me 15,493 3D marks.

I've got the C10 Bios, but just noticed postings referring to a C16. I'm off to investigate that to see if it helps.

Just wondering as well if I've got a bad stick of XMS 3500, or if this is par for the course?

RacerX1 23rd December, 2002 03:32 PM

Well its known here that some have reported bad performance with that combo. I can't imagine why. Those modules use the -5ns winbond chips which my TwinMos uses and I have no issues running 3dmark up to 215fsb.

The only thing I can think of is Corsair using their own PCB and Eprom. They might have added more lines on their PCB to get them to run more aggressive and the Epox registry is not liking that too much.

My suggestion is return that stick and buy either the Kingston HyperX PC3500 or the TwinMos with -5ns chips. While your at it buy 2x256 so you can take advantage of the dual channel.

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