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Morgan 23rd February, 2003 01:06 PM

Corsair memory compatibility...?

I have the chance to buy either the 8RDA+ or the 8RGA+ - maybe the one with the graphics chip built in offers a better voltage range for overclocking...?

Anyway is there a compatibility issue with these boards and Corsair memory as I find that >>>
Suggests that there is an issue and there are even modified Bios's to use it.

Yet I have read some posts within this forum that it runs ok, is that by default or with any modification...?

I can buy >>>

Corsair 256MB XMS3200 DDR SDRAM
or even
Corsair 256MB XMS3500 DDR SDRAM

Now could I expect an issue with either of those boards and that memory or is there no issue at all....?

If you too had a choice of either board (not bothered about the graphics option) which would you buy...?

Thankyou for any help


golfer49 23rd February, 2003 02:42 PM

I have an 8RDA, have had 8RDA+ and several 8RDA's that were built for friends, if you want to overclock, and the 8RGA+ is available in the UK, get it, and get Twinmos PC3200 with Winbond chips, it works great with this series of boards, and eliminate the chance of getting Corsiar and having problems.

sepal 23rd February, 2003 09:44 PM

Hi Morgan-
At first i used two Mushkin 3200 in duel channel mode.Received TwinMos 3200 (no heat speaders )and populated all three slots, which ran @200Mhz x 2 = 400.
For some reason i bought a corsair 3200 with heat spreaders like Mushkin uses and thought it might be a better 'marriage' then with TwinMos(BTW twinmos is quite good it seems :o ) ... but in 'that' particular config , it would NOT post @ 400Mhz but 333Mhz only no matter what i did in bios.

um... that cant be good ya?

Best Regards and GL : )

Morgan 23rd February, 2003 09:57 PM

Then maybe there could be an issue with Corsair memory with this motherboard.

Wrongly (?) I assumed that Twinmos was inferior to Corsair - but maybe not in this motherboard. At least it does seem to be cheaper.

So as yet a 8RGA+ and Twinmos with Winbond chips (?) seem to be the combination to go for.

phew this is hard work :D

Thankyou for your help


sepal 24th February, 2003 07:13 AM

yup yup ... dont feel too bad cause

i thought twinmos was some new bios company :o

and twinmos does not have heat spreaders like many others,yet
they seem to rock the hut .


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