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deathstar13 7th March, 2003 12:20 AM

8rda help
hey guys my 8rda seems to be kinda dead :rolleyes: if kinda can come back to life id be happy.

i did a review/test for someone and afterwards i put my machine back together with it normal parts.
now all i get is that black screen with the blue screen that asks " is the moniter hooked up?"

first i thought dead video card but its not.ive thoroughly tested all parts.the mobo wont post.
i did have the vdd mod done and i still suspect thats what killed it.

but here is my hope and question. if a bios corruption happened would it act this way also? im not sure as ive never had it happen.

i have another makers mobo now and i despise being stuck at 1.85vcore.i want my 8rda back!

ideas? thoughts? tell me what happens after a bios corruption?

EluSiOn 7th March, 2003 02:12 AM

hehehe... as soon as I got your mailing address, I will send ya my spare 8rda+ bios chip to ya (although it is not compatible with 8rda in windows but you can flash it without problem)

deathstar13 7th March, 2003 03:26 AM

ty elusion. from what im reading my 8rda is suffering from a scrambled bios also.
im hoping this fixs it and i can go back yo high mhz and voltage :D

hey guys a question for ya.elusion isnt sure either how to do this.
we do know once i put his bios chip in my mobo it will at least post and let me enter the bios.from there i can flash the non+ bios in.

but id like to send him back a flashed chip and not just my scrambled there a way to remove/swap the chips once i get into the bios and flash the old one?

or will i need to buy a bios savour things ive been seeing.if im running all NF2 mobos im gonna buy one.

flaamer 7th March, 2003 04:20 AM

If in fact your bios is corrupted, his chip will boot your system up. Once powered up, remove his chip (helps to only fit it in loosely for easy removal) and replace with your old chip, then you should be able to flash to a bios of your choice. Just be careful working with the motherboard powered as to not short anything out while removing/replacing the chip.

For more info just google "hot flash bios".

Good luck.

deathstar13 7th March, 2003 05:23 AM

kool ty headen there now.

"edit" hmmm this says i can do it with what i have.sooooooooo tempting and soooooooo dangerous.2 freiken non working mobos might send me over the edge! haha anyhow im trying it.

deathstar13 7th March, 2003 07:43 AM

well guys looks liek ill need to wait until elusions chip gets here.
i tried swapping my a7n8x chip out and put my 8rda chip in right before i entered the award flash utilty.
no go as it seems to read the original bios that was loaded and not see a differant makers bios to be doesnt recognise it on the floppy i should say.

must be some safty stuff built in.for most im sure its needed but this once i didnt want to stop from flashing a differant bios.
tried asus and epox flash utilities while in windows.
ever try and remove a bios chip while your in windows? scaaaaaaaarey! lol oh well.

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