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Holst 9th December, 2001 09:20 PM

PC Geiger, PCI bus analiser
I just found this thin for sale at theoverclocking store.

It looks like it independantly measures your PCI bus speed by occupying a PCI slot.

It could be very interesting if fitted to a 8KHA+ running high FSB's

Heres a review

And some more info

Its too expensive for me, but maybee somebody who hasnt decided what to get for christmas might buy one.

EPoX Tech 9th December, 2001 11:33 PM

I like it Holst but I think its usefulness will dwindle somewhat since KT333 looms in the moonlight in front of us ready to offer us 1/5 divider as standard.

I will have a chat with a contact at tomorrow to see how good the product is and what the findings are.

Thank you for putting us onto it Holst - not quite as nice as my IWATSU oscilloscope, but good for end-users and overclocking enthusiasts alike who don't have extended electronic analaytical qualifications.

Cheers :)

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