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marco_sbk 20th June, 2003 09:11 AM

8RDA+ and Corsair Memory
My Config:
8RDA+ Rev. 1.1 Bios 3507
2 x 256 DDR SDRAM Corsair PC2700, 333 MHz, CAS 2.5 (Value Select)
CPU AMD Barton 2500+ (boxed)
Win 2000 SP3
Driver nForce2 2.03 (before i have installed v. 2.42)
CPU temp. about 49°C after 3/4 working hours

The Question: why if i set in the bios RAM at 166 MHz according to the specifications i have continuosly crash and when i set RAM at 133 MHz all it is OK ?????

here as follows some test:

- i have flashed some bios and also the bios indicated for RAM Corsair (with this one the pc is blocked and i have performed an hot reprogramming)
- I have changed the position of ram -> nothing to do
- test with 1 x 256 MB PC2700 333 MHz -> FAILED
- test with 3 x 256 MB -> FAILED
- I tryied RAM Voltage at 2,6 / 2,77 / a 2,9 -> FAILED
And also at 2,5 V
- Vcore 1,75 -> FAILED
The system if very instable crash with Sandra and PCMark

However I have not other SDRAM from others suppliers to test on my mobo.

On my home PC with the same configuration above mentioned excluding the CPU (XP2000+) and WinXP I noticed the same problems and now I'm going sync. CPU/RAM at 133 MHz (STABLE).
If I set the DIMM at 166 MHz the system became instable.

Compatibility issue RAM/MOBO ???

Please HELP ME ....................
Ciao and thank you in advance
Marco-SBK (Italy)

Ibn 20th June, 2003 09:23 AM

Have you tried setting the CPU and RAM to 166Mhz? If that doesn't work Id suspect your RAM. Corsair had problems with their Cas 2 pc3200 ram, Im not aware of any issues with the pc2700 ram, but they may exist. You could try asking in Corsair's forum;

good luck :)

Ibn 20th June, 2003 09:25 AM

I just noticed someone over there has the same problem, Corsair wants to send him new Ram;

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