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Iolao 21st December, 2001 03:21 PM

You high fsb guys!
when overclocking the most limiting factor, apart cpu, memory and powersupply, are the peripherals connected (hd, sound card, ecc.).

Now, I'd like to see a simple database in which share user's experiences; for example:

my IBM 60GXP 60GB ATA100 runs stable until xxxmhz
my sb audigy....

I know that sometimes is not possible to detrmine which component is limiting the overclock, but posting your experience is enough for me, expecially if you are running high fsb or if you are having stability problems at low fsb. Thanks!

WinXP 21st December, 2001 06:10 PM

I have a Epox 8K7A+, 8KHA+, an a Abit KG7. I have tested all these componet at 174fsb with no problems. I swap the parts in the 3 systems an tested all the componets with no problems.
3-256 meg sticks Crucial PC 2100 @cas2
1-256meg Corsair PC 2400 @cas2
3-WD 20gig ata100 7200rpm HD
2-Intel Pro 10/100 nic's
1-3Com 3c905c txm
2-Diamond MX300 sound cards (Aureal drivers)
1- Highpoint ata100 raid controller (8KHA+ & KG7)
1-Visiontek GTS2 64meg
1-CL GTS2 32meg

Petrus 22nd December, 2001 09:14 PM

Everything works fine @178 MHz, including my SB Live 5.1. My Ide Hdd disks are set to Udma 33 and I also disabled the Ide Prefetch mode to avoid data corruption at high FSBs.

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