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Cole 4th January, 2002 05:43 AM

Bank Interleave on 8KHA+
I was wondering what the bank interleave option is supposed to do on the 8kha+? I've got two 128MB sticks of pc2400 in my new box. I thought 4 way would speed things up, so I manually selected that. It wouldn't post after that, so I reset everything and tried the 2 bank option. This time it wouldn't post, but instead kept giving me single long beeps while displaying C1, which is some sort of memory error. I reset all of the ram timings to "fail safe" and tried changing only the bank interleave, but it just doesn't like anything other than "auto." This is the 11/30 bios btw. Any suggestions or comments?

Nico67 4th January, 2002 06:37 AM


4 way is defiately the way to go, not sure why you are having troubles when changing to that setting though. There was supposed to be some weird stuff with that bios and mem settings, see MR's config post at AMDMB forum, it may have the answers for your setup.

Random Nonsense 4th January, 2002 12:53 PM

what is bank interleave anyway, as i understand it it synchronises the RAM in more than one slot so it doesnt screw up or something.... surely that would slow it down but increase stability?

GoldenTiger 4th January, 2002 10:00 PM

Interleave is like RAID 0 for RAM :). It speeds it up a LOT!

No interleave 3dmark2k1 score: 7031
4x interleave 3dmark2k1 score: 7923

Both run off of a clean boot, no startbutton pressed, no other programs running, same settings, etc. You need at least 4 sides of RAM for 4-way, tho. For instance, 2 256mb sticks would work, but 2 128mb sticks would have to use 2-way. A single 256mb stick can use 2-way as well. One 512mb stick I think needs to use 2-way, though it might do 4-way (ask around on hardforums,, and arstechnica). The 512mb stick is the only one I don't know for sure on. 2 256mb sticks with 2 128mb sticks would do 4-way. 2 256mb sticks with 1 128mb stick needs 2-way still. 4 128mb sticks would do 4-way. 2/more 256mb sticks do 4-way.

Cole 4th January, 2002 10:28 PM

Hmm, I have two single sided 128meg sticks. 4 way definitely doesn't work. 2 way results in the C1 post code with beeps. Maybe I should try different ram. I know interleave made a big difference with sdram - should work with ddr as well.

Cole 4th January, 2002 10:52 PM

Actually I think I know what the problem might be. I'm using 2 128MB corsair PC2400 sticks. These are configured with 4 chips on each side. It's an odd arrangement because usually ecc sticks have an even number of chips, but these aren't ecc. I also have a 128MB stick of crucial (both use micron chips of course) and it's configured with 9 chips all on one side. I think this odd arrangement with the corsair ram may be the interleave problem. Only thing is I don't have any more crucial sticks to try out at the moment :(

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