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watooit 21st October, 2004 05:19 PM

EP-8KDA3+ : Short freezes when running games
I recently bought an EP-8KDA3+, wich I planned on using with the ram/vidcard I already owned (these components worked fine in my old system). First thing that went wrong was that the EP-8KDA3+ didnt work with my 2x400DDR kingston valueram, memtest86 gave like 35000 errors. So i decided to use just 1 dimm for max stability. Well everything seemed allright till i started playing games.

I get short (~5s) freezes every x hours of gameplay (during this time the whole system freezes, even numlock. After the system unfreezes i can continue playing as normal.), it seems to be completly random when, sometimes its 2x per hour sometimes once per evening (wich makes testing hard). Anyway i tried different ram configurations(all with kingstom ram tho, 2x333DDR or 1x400DDR value ram), settings in bios are all default/stability-based (all ram settings on auto), dont want to overclock, just want a stable system, I also upgraded the bios using the awdflash method as suggested here, its all been no use.

I suspect the non stable vcore voltage to be the culrpit, but can't prove it as even MBM (wich only accuratly measures voltages if USDM is also running btw) freezes aswell, and just skips the 5s in the log when the system freezes. I do know that if the vcore reaches a very low (<1.3?) I get a infinite video driver loop error as soon as i start a (heavy 3d) game, but this happened only once (had to turn off and on to restablize the voltages). In all other cases vcore seems to swing between 1.5 and 1.6. (please note that i wouldnt care if my system was stable).

Anyway, anyone have any sugestions? RMA'ing any use? Buying another brand of ram?

Thanks in advance~

System spec:
AMD 64 3200+
Epox EP-8KDA3+
Geforce 6800 non ultra
WD Raptor 37GB
Kingston 2x333DDR cl2.5 valueram or 1x400DDR cl2
Creative Audigy 2
Nec DVD-RW / Liteon CD-RW
430W antec pow suply

Finetobe 21st October, 2004 06:37 PM

I think it your memory.
I have a friend who has a epox 8kda3+ and Kingston valueram and Hyper x and it donĀ“t crash all the time.
so if you can get some other ram from a friend and test.
Ocz /a-data/Crucial Ballistix/geil should work.
and for vcore is normal that it jump up and down by 0.1 to 0.15v idle /load.

sorry for my bad English

burton 21st October, 2004 07:39 PM

In which games do you experience those freezing stuff?
It reminds me of punkbuster problem with my rig, which is why I have to run old Catalyst`s 3.9.
BTW, flash to 05/14 BIOS to resolve low Vcore problem.

watooit 21st October, 2004 09:39 PM

happens to all games I tried (for example rome:total war).

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