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ochest 9th July, 2005 09:43 AM

9NPA+ Ultra. What's your best HTT?
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I've been following the overclocking guide at Anandtech (which is located here) to try and get more out of my Winnie 3200+, which is a bit crap. When trying to find the max HTT speed of my board I was able to get up to 333Mhz. This is with the chipset passively cooled by a Zalman heatsink. How does this compare with everyone elses max speeds?

I used auto voltages for Vdimm and the CPU. It's interesting how far the mobo will overvolt the CPU when it feels the need. However my Freezer 64 copes pretty well.

Overall my impressions of the board are pretty good when you get rid of the horrendous chipset cooler, which is far too noisy. However I wish the bios had .5 multiplier adjustments and more memory divider options.

SPQQKY 9th July, 2005 06:23 PM

I've reached 340 HTT with mine, and to be honest, the NB cooler doesn't seem loud to me at all. Using auto voltage seems to work well for you, but I prefer my own settings (just anal I guess). I wouldn't worry too much about .5 multipliers as they usually prove very unstable with A64 cpu's. You can always try the latest A64 Tweaker if you want to try different RAM dividers, but they are less than desireable.

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