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KTV_Striker 29th April, 2002 01:31 AM

Pny Ti 4600
System Specs:
Athlon XP 1.5
512 MEG DDR RAM (Generic)
400 Watt PS
Creative Sound Blaster Xgamer

Just to let everyone know that the PNY Geforce 4 TI4600 will fit and work in the EPOX 8KHA+ motherboard and boy let me tell you it is sweeeet! I upgraded from a 3D Blaster Annihilator 2 Pro with 32mgs of DDR, its like night and day. Big card, was a little concerned at first but the installation went smoothly and I used the drivers on the installation CD and whamoooo! it worked right off the bat. Took my 3Dmark2001 SE score from 6,150 to 10,001. Purchased it for $327 from


Pinky 29th April, 2002 04:22 AM

Thanks, that's very useful as I'm considering the GF4 as my next upgrade, but of course this applies to the 4400 and 4600 since the 4200 is on a 4 layer board and appears (based on photos) to be a smaller/shorter board anyway.


EPoX Tech 29th April, 2002 04:48 PM

To the best of our knowledge there is only one card that actually touch the capacitor on our mainboard and that was the early initial release Visiontek product.

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