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Andersen 30th May, 2003 02:18 PM

ultima 8: pagan floppy version
in the middle of moving process, i found some old games ive forgotten. just wanna know if they have some value since ive lost interest in them.

ultima 8: pagan (working floppy version)
system shock 1 (cd version)
terminator: skynet
ultima 7 (black gate, forge of virtue, serpent isle, silver seed)
alone in the dark 1 (cd version)
ultima underworld 1+2 (cd version)

do any of those have any value? and if they have, approx how much?

CCW 30th May, 2003 02:27 PM

WOW, some good games there. I remember System Shock 1, only ever played the demo though :( They'd make a bit in auction but straight deal they wouldnt be worth much I dont think.


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