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piloteer81 20th July, 2004 07:19 PM

pagefiles, raid, windows and games!!!!
Ok, I have all of the above! Question is which goes with what?

I have 1x raid 0 array 160gb total and 1x 80gb drive.

My question is where should I put:

1. Games and programs
2. Page file
3 Windows

for the best performance?

At the moment I have windows on the raid volume, which is great cos it runs really fast. My page file is on the 80gb drive along with a load of storage data and programs I rarely use.
My games and programs I want to run as quickly as possible are on the raid array.

I have seen differing reports saying that you get better performance if you run a program from a difference disk than windows is running. Clearly only having one raid array, I can only have my games or windows on in that case, not both. Seeing as this is a Raid 0 array, it doesn't matter where I put the pagefile (not a good idea to put it on a mirror array as this will slow it down).

Any ideas????

Aedan 20th July, 2004 08:08 PM

The rule for a page file is to put it on the most used partition on the least used disk(s).

Gizmo 20th July, 2004 08:09 PM

Seems to me like you've got the situation set up about the best you can. You definitely do NOT want the page fail on the RAID 0 partition. In addition, because of the amount of paging that Windows tends to do, I would recommend putting the programs and such on the same spindle as the paging file.

YARDofSTUF 25th July, 2004 08:20 AM

Well I'd put all that on the raided drives, I like windows, the pagefile and my games on the fastest partition so that they all load(and page) quickly.

I'd use the 80 gig for like music, pictures, and office like data

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