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ajopz 7th November, 2006 12:25 PM

PSU 20-24 pin
Ok, I have what might be a small problem. apon inspecting the power connector on my 9npa3 sli I noticed it had a 24 pin socket, Now my psu which is an emermax noisetaker only has a 20 pin plug on it.
If I put the male plug from the psu to the righthand side of the female mobo connector the plugs align but this leaves 4 pins open on the left hand side.

Ive had a look round on the net and from what ive seen this method should power my board. But can anyone tell me if this will have any adverse effects on my rig with the 4 pins on the left missing?

I will be upgrading my psu in the near future as its only 370w, but not till after chritmas.

Any help anyone?:thumbsup:

cloasters 7th November, 2006 03:43 PM

Mainboards that sport a 24-pin power plug need a 24-pin power supply. Running with too small of a power supply can really mess up a system, btw. It'd be better to keep your old m'board running with your 20-pin PSU until you can buy a more capable 24-pin power supply for your new 24-pin mobo.

stirlmc 7th November, 2006 06:38 PM

Agreed... I believe you could ruin the cpu, as well as other components in the system. You better wait for a capable psu.

ajopz 7th November, 2006 11:22 PM

Nice1 cloasters, I can wait now, tried the board and it works fine, tried the card also and that is ok too.

I'll see if i can divert some funds towards a new psu, but still be abit of time.

SteveI 8th November, 2006 04:33 AM

They make 20 to 24 pin adaptors, only costs a couple of bucks at some shops. I would only try it if the 20pin PSU had a strong the 12v line. I believe that the extra 4 pins on a PSU indicate a second 12v rail.

Mobos today are hungry on the 12v line... The extra 4pins indicate that the manufacturer "appreciates" the extra 12v current to the mobo... That said, I would not run with a 20 pin PSU, at least not without the adaptor.

PSU have evolved over the last few years... ATX, ATX12v and the (24 pin) ATX12v v2.0. As systems become more and more power hungry, its good to know that PSU standards are responding to the challenge.

aghastpumpkin 8th November, 2006 11:06 AM

Your system should run fine....unless it's really high end. I doubt it would fry your CPU, lol.
I ran my rig on a 20 pin for 8 months, no problemo there.
But it would be advisable to get 24 pin, if your running a high powered rig.

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