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thehandler 15th December, 2001 07:42 PM

Need help with Mark 3D Bench & tweeks.
Hey guys this is the first time I am posting to this board. I am usually stuck over on the Epox site working with my new 8KHA+.
Anyway, here is my deal and I am hoping someone can help.
I am running a Radeon LE 32DDR. I have PowerStrip installed and I am not really sure exactly how to set it. I am running WIn98SE.
I only play one game for now and that is HAlf-Life. I wouldn't mind optimising the board for this game but I plan to play other games in the futrue such as Max Payne and such. So what I am really looking for is a good general overall setting that will work well with all and not degrade my benches.
Now here are the particulars. When I first installed PS, I noticed it reported the default performance settings as 148.75 engine and memory speed, normal memory timings.
Is this the actual board or has PS already oc'ed these settings?
I put the settings at 160mhz for mem and eng. and timings to fast. I re-ran my Mark 3D 2001 benches and the scores went up way over 100 points. Question is this, how far can I safely push this mem and engine speed up without hurting the card or causing instability? Also, are there any other tweaks I should do as I really don't understand half of the options such as anti-aliasing and all that jazz. See my sig beleow for my full set up but my best benches to date are 2755. Thanks Mike

mrpcman 16th December, 2001 12:15 AM

well, I can tell you this: every card overclocks differently, and you won't know how far it can go until you start to see artifacts on the screen(pixels that shouldn't be there pretty much). As for FSAA, your card really isn't fast enough to do that, so I wouldn't even bother with it. I personally use this program for overclocking instead of powerstrip: it's better for ATI cards IMO. Happy overclocking. :)

Superman 16th December, 2001 06:27 AM

Yes, RadeonTweaker is the de facto solution for Radeon overclocking. When you get it installed, you'll want to set it to enable HyperZ at startup and then go Options-Enable HyperZ. In the overclocking tab, I recommend you don't mess with timings. Too unstable for not much gain. The Radeon LE is essentially the same as a Radeon 32DDR just made by 3rd party companies. It should be all right into the 180-190Mhz range, mine topped at 198Mhz with stock cooling. Any more questions I'll try to help.

thehandler 16th December, 2001 07:12 AM

Thank you guys very much. Wow, I had no idea the board would run that high. The default seems to be 149ish and I am shocked that it can run up in the neighborhood of 180-198.
Are you saying that if I install Radeon Tweak, that I should NOT overclock it? You seem to be saying it isn't all that important and those other changes such as Hyper Z which is a registry change I aassume, is more important.
One last question, If I install this Radeon Tweak, is there any value in my leaving Power strip installed? Does it have any value at all? Thanks MIke

Pinky 16th December, 2001 07:20 AM

No, uninstall powerstrip... radeon tweaker will change all you need...

I'd say give overclocking a try, it boosts my performance 15%.

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