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Phiber 17th December, 2001 01:56 AM

problem with gf3
ok this is complicated.......
this only happens with CounterStrike to let you know

when i play for a considerate amount of time (15- whatever mins)
and i exit i get back to the desktop like this

and its locked up.......
i have tried different drivers for the vid card.......reinstalled CS also......and this is annoying cuz i have to restart all the time after CS

Phil 17th December, 2001 02:01 AM

Press ctr-alt-del before you start counterstrike and close everything but explorer and systray, then play cs for a bit and exit and see if it still happens, if it doesn't then try closing 1 of those programs at a time to see which one stops it happening.
If that doesn't do it then I'll try thinking of something else

Holst 17th December, 2001 02:34 AM

Try playing a LAN game to see if your internet connection is causing it.

I take it you dont have problems playing other online games.

wildone 7th January, 2002 02:15 PM

For all it may concern ,it may be he is suffering from the infinite loop problem you can read about here


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