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blinky 30th December, 2001 08:57 PM

Hercules card
I just purchased a Hercules 3D Prophet II Titanium card but it seams to lock up my Computer on occasion. It features GeForce 2 Titanium GPU with 250 Mhz core clock speed and 64 MB of DDR Ram. My System has 758 MB of PC133 SDRam. Am I getting conflicts between the two type fo memory?

Pinky 30th December, 2001 09:07 PM

No, memory don't conflict like that... more likely a driver issue... if you have older drivers try them, 12.90 were a good set, even the 12.42 with the GF2 cards are safest, the newest drivers are optimized for the GF3 cards...

Aedan 30th December, 2001 09:08 PM

In a word, no.

The memory that the graphics card uses is reservered for the sole use of the graphics card. The rest of your system cannot talk to the memory on the graphics card directly, so you're safe.

As to solving your problem, I cannot help there!


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