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Hoppster 9th July, 2004 10:58 PM

GPU Memory speed vs GPU core speed
Is there any tips out there for overclocking the nvidia GF3 ti500 cards.

do you need to oc at the same ratio or doesnt it matter

ie if you raise mem speed 5%, should you raise the gpu core speed 5%.

which gives you better performance?

Does oc of the mem speed of the GPU give u any performance gain at all when youve got PC133 SDram on the mainboard?

Im not sure how they interact.

Gizmo 10th July, 2004 05:00 AM

The memory on the card is independent of the main system memory and so doesn't matter, except as it applies to AGP transfers. In any case, PC133 should have enough bandwidth to handle even AGP 8x, I think.

As for the rest, I'm not certain about the benefits, but I do know that you don't HAVE to maintain the clock ratios.

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