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SciShock 29th January, 2002 03:13 PM

HELP!!!: Prophet III Ti-500
I need help with the tv out finction in this card. When I use the Hercules driver, it works fine except that its black and white for some reason and the tv-out does not work at all with nvidia drivers. Here's my specifications:
Windows XP Pro (all updated)
AMD TBird - 1GHz
Asus A7v - VIA KT133 (Via drivers not installed because they always lock up for some reason when I install it)
Creative Labs Sound Card - PCI (Don't care much bout sound quality)
Western Digital 40 gig - UDMA/100
512 SDram pc100 (I know, its old but o well, no money)
Power supply - 300w (Forgot the brand)

Pinky 29th January, 2002 04:12 PM

Are you routing the video through a VCR first? Are you only playing DVDs? I'm suspecting macrovision or a cable signal strength issue (from the video card to the TV/VCR), sometimes a booster box is needed (for like $30 at Radio Shack)...

SciShock 29th January, 2002 10:58 PM

no, i'm hooking it up directly to the tv, it used to work fine with my old leadtek geforce2 mx and i have no idea what the hell a booster box is

o ya, i'm not playing dvd with it, just some old 2d games that looks good on tv

makes me feel like playing the classic Nintendo again =D

SciShock 30th January, 2002 12:55 AM

I fixed it!! yay!

instead of leaving it to auto detect, u have to manually set it to the kind of output u're using (composite or s-video)

hopes this helps some of u that have black and white colors only with tv out

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