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The Spyder 8th February, 2002 04:17 AM

The best Sound Card>
What do u guys think the besr sound card is for D.J. ing? I do it several times a year- and my SBLIVE VALUE works just great!!!!!!! But im looking for a nice one.


surlyjoe 8th February, 2002 08:19 AM

the new audigy is real sweet, but prolly isnt that much better than your "live". The Echo cards are "all that", but I think they are more suited for recording than playback. and are hella pricey!!

BobyJo 14th February, 2002 03:12 PM

I have a Sound Blaster Live in the wifes system. I did not care for the problems it gave me in my own system.

I have the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card now. This is the very best sound card I have ever used. The software is surpurb and with the $20 upgrade to the best Audio Station, the features are unlimited.

I have plans on burning CD's with autio, and video, Looks as if this Audio Station might be a great aid in this.

Aedan 15th February, 2002 12:44 PM

Personally, I'm running a Philips Acoustic Edge in one machine, and a Terratec EWS64XL in the other. The AE is a pretty nice card, although it's outputs are a little noisy for serious amplification. Using an outboard DAC with the SPDIF bitstream would kill the noise.

The Terratec EWS64XL is just such a nice card. The only downside is that it's ISA. The microphone input is a little noisy, but if you don't use it, then there's no big deal. Signal routing is incredibly flexable, and the outputs are reasonably quiet. Again, if you want serious amplification, use an outboard DAC with the SPDIF bitstream.


BobyJo 15th February, 2002 01:59 PM

I have a couple of ISA sound cards in the storage drawer. It is hard to find a quality mobo today that has an ISA slot. Guess these are a thing of the past.

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