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Lionfish 28th February, 2005 05:02 AM

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These modded are great, @least 4 me :crazy: 75.90's

I like what they did for my AquaMark03 and 3Dmark05.

For my sis it makes me happy :thumbsup:


Windows 2000/XP (modified drivers)

This is the Xtreme G driver which includes many performance and Image Quality tweaks.

These are modified NVIDIA ForceWare drivers for Windows 2000 & XP. Modified drivers simply means that the author takes official or beta drivers from the manufacturer and starts to tweak them for either better image quality and or performance. Please bare in mind that the driver manufacturer, in this case NVIDIA, does not support drivers like these.

You use them at your own risk. For more information and dialog about these drivers I suggest you visit our forums where a dedicated section can be found on modified drivers

Release Notes:

Installer Allows you to choose from 3 Different modes

-Series 6 (For Geforce 6xxx Series Cards)
-Geforce FX (For Geforce FX Series GPU's)
-Reborn (For Geforce 4 and Older Cards)

Supports a Wide Variety of Compatability modes to provide the best Compatability Never before seen in a Nvidia driver. Supported Compatability Modes:

Includes Many Instruction sets to bring the full potential out of your cpu

Instruction Sets Include:

Also Supports:
-PS 3.0(NV4x)
-Open GL 2.0(NV4x)
-DXT5 Texture Compression
-3Dc Texture Compression (NV4x Only)
-Texture Sharpening Enabled For 6 series and Geforce FX Series.
-And Many more Tweaks to increase Performance and Quality.

75.90 Fixes:
-Widescreen Monitor Issues running on DVI Such as the Dell Wide Aspect 20 Inch Monitor.
-Many texture issues in games such as mvp2005

Known Issues:
-Incorrect Temperature Reading from some Geforce 6 Cards.
-Shiny Grass in Aztec Level of Cs Source.

Improvements Over XG 71.81 Include:
-Performance is Up Across the Board.
-Open GL 2.0 Support.
-Wide Screen Monitor Fix.
-Laptop Support.

Laptop GPU Support: (Thx to Pieter)
-GeForce2 Go
-GeForce4 440 Go
-GeForce4 420 Go
-GeForce4 420 Go 32M
-GeForce4 460 Go
-GeForce4 440 Go 64M
-Quadro4 500 GoGL
-GeForce4 410 Go 16M
-GeForce4 448 Go
-GeForce4 488 Go
-GeForce4 4200 Go
-Quadro4 700 GoGL
-NV31M Pro
-GeForce FX Go5600
-GeForce FX Go5650
-Quadro FX Go700
-GeForce FX Go5200
-GeForce FX Go5250/5500
-GeForce FX Go5200 32/64M
-GeForce FX Go53x0
-GeForce FX Go5100
-GeForce FX Go5700
-Quadro FX Go1000
-Geforce FX Go6800
-Quadro FX Go1400
-GeForce Go 6200 TE/6600 TE
-GeForce Go 6600
-GeForce Go 6200
-GeForce Go 6250

Desktop GPU Support:
-Supports All Desktop GPU's

robbie 28th February, 2005 08:52 AM


Lionfish 2nd March, 2005 04:37 AM

And better than the Valance Studio ones olso :-p

dsio 2nd March, 2005 08:02 AM

Valance studios has now started to call themselves "tweaksrus" instead. I still call it valance studios to avoid confusion and because tweaksrus sounds stupid. It would be like "Ferrari" changing name to "carz4U" ... why the hell would you do it?

Best way to alienate an enthusiast community: put letters and numbers in your company name for no real reason.

Lionfish 3rd March, 2005 07:02 PM

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And I get a lill lower using the Valance drivers :eek:

Chernobyl 12th March, 2005 08:07 PM

Hey guys
the new 76.10 drivers are in a tweaked Beta from XG.
I'm just getting so no performance figures.
I noticed a slight performance improvement of the NVidia release 76.10 over the XG 75.90a, so am hopeful these will be even quicker.

dsio 13th March, 2005 12:22 AM

they are not an actual release, they are a beta mod of a beta driver. There will be a stable version available in the next three days.

Chernobyl 13th March, 2005 01:14 AM

They are slightly faster, about 1% where I can tell the difference :)

dsio 13th March, 2005 01:47 AM

yea k, im uploading them to AOAfiles anyway

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