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z3speed4me 23rd August, 2005 11:35 PM

EVGA 6800 Drivers?
hey every1...this is my first post even though ive been readin these threads for quite some evga 6800 just came in the mail from newegg, im installing the XTreme-G 77.62 HD Type

is that the best choice for this card??

i wish i had more money to get a better card, but this seemed like a good choice for my very limited college student income haha

Exile69 24th August, 2005 12:20 AM

You probably picked the best card for price/performance. Get the 77.76XG drivers from the files section here at AOA. Do you know how to unlock the extra pipes and vertex shaders? If not look at this.

z3speed4me 24th August, 2005 01:10 AM

yea i read monkeyman's is real informative...

im going to run the card on stock timing for a little bit, then oc and unlock stuff this weekend...i dunno kinda like let the card settle, if that does anything? haha

yea i was looking at my options and figured it was the best bang for the buck performance wise, it handles all the current games, and will prob play the next gen pretty well too....we will see

so far its a REDICULOUS improvement over my last card which was sadly to say a fx5200 which was 256 mb, and this one is 128, but this card is so much more supperior in every aspect the 128 difference doesnt even matter, i am very happy with this card and will prob go with evga in the future!

so keep wit the drivers i have, and then i guess just wait for the 80 series to come out whenever that may be, and just read reviews and see if they are any improvement...

thanks a lot! ill throw up my benchmarks tommorrow if i can

im sure theyll be oooo 5x better at least then my current, which was only 1603 in 3dmark03, im sure this card will beef it up to the 8000's at least!

Exile69 24th August, 2005 01:46 AM

Make sure you have the 77.76XG drivers. Yea, the 256Mb will have never been able to be used on the FX5200 sadly. 256Mb would be nice on a 6800, but not too much of a difference I would assume.


Originally Posted by z3speed4me
im going to run the card on stock timing for a little bit, then oc and unlock stuff this weekend...i dunno kinda like let the card settle, if that does anything? haha

Yea, that's called 'burning in' and some people will claim it makes a difference. Can't hurt anything.

Well, good luck with the card and be sure to post benchies! :thumbsup:

z3speed4me 24th August, 2005 01:55 AM

wat about the 77.77's??? not any good?

or the new 80.40??

Exile69 24th August, 2005 01:57 AM

I'm almost positive the 77.76XG's are the best out ATM. Consult with dsio.

z3speed4me 24th August, 2005 02:01 AM

sent em a pm...

and quick question...wheres the info/thread on how to CORRECTLY uninstall and delete the original drivers so i can install the xg ones properly??

Exile69 24th August, 2005 02:07 AM

Dsio will tell you. He's the guy that advertises it. Get to know him. He's solved a bunch of my problems. Look at this.

dsio 24th August, 2005 02:50 AM

I sent this to Z3 in a PM, but ill post it as well.

The 77.76 and 77.77 are the same driver, the only difference is that the 77.77 has some SLI improvements for 6600 and 6600LE SLI setups. I have heard from Cadaveca that there are some texture issues in BF2 with the 77.77s on his 7800GTX, so that might be an issue. On the 77.76 with my 6800GT I have no problems in anything.

The 80.40s are extremely beta drivers, and are older than the 77.76 and 77.77. They have rather bad IQ (image quality), and have video corruption, though they are relatively quick (still not as quick as the 77.76s).

The trick that the 80.40s offer is the ability to SLI 2 different cards that are NOT identical.

So you can SLI an EVGA 6800GT and an ASUS 6800GT.

They have to be the same speed and pipes, but if you run a 6800GT at 400Mhz, you can SLI an Ultra and a GT from different makers.

Quite a good trick, but this will be included in all the 80.xx series drivers and beyond, so there will be far better 80 series drivers than the 80.40s down the track.

z3speed4me 26th August, 2005 01:51 PM

ok ....put in my zalman vf700 copper fan today....

3dmark 03 I got 9499...and thats on a STOCK ibm motherboard...768 mem, obv on stock timings, and a 2.8 processor NOT overclocked...

the rest of the computer just came in the mail, 3.0 prescott will oc to like 3.6 to stay safe, asus p5p800 board, and a gig of corsair...

yea i dont have the hugest budget, but this will significantly change my scores once installed, i also noticed my stock mobo only allows agp x4, so the x8 of my 6800 isnt even being used so theres another area for scores to rise....

the cooling is crap in my current case too, so the new case will def be helpful, kingwin MTX425SW

ill update the scores once i get all this stuff in place....and then update my asus bios and oc stuff a lil bit

dsio 27th August, 2005 03:24 AM

AGP4X to AGP8X will make no difference. It rarely even uses all of the AGP 4X bandwidth let alone 8X :)

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