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dimmreaper 8th May, 2002 05:49 AM

SiS Xabre Pro (AKA Xabre 400) pre-release benchmarks.

The top benchmark is what speed the Xabre 400 cards are supposed to be released at, the second down is overclocked 8%, this card is supposed to compete on price with the GF4MX440. If it ends up retailing at a similar price it will be well worth considering.

Remember that these benchmarks are with beta hardware and drivers, final hardware and drivers may offer slightly better(or worse) performance.

Further details available here:

Pictures here:

I'd love to see what clock speeds it's capable of with a volt mod.

Random Nonsense 8th May, 2002 12:06 PM

are you psychic?!!??! i was looking around for benchies of this GPU just the other day!!! ta very much m8!

Pinky 8th May, 2002 01:47 PM

Those are some good numbers. I started following these about a month ago. This will further the decrease in pricing and increase the performance standards.

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