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gedon 29th November, 2008 04:04 PM

Ubuntu raid setup
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I need some help. I have attached a pic, so you can see whats going on on my desk :D
I throw some parts together and connected all my hdds to it.

You can see the abit anm2 with nvidia chipset (4 ports), a Sil3132 (2 ports), Promise S150 SX4 (4 ports), ide hdd and odd.
SATA hdds: 4 Hitachis (250GB) connected to nvidia, 4 Seagates (320GB) to Promise and 2 Samsungs (500GB) to Sil

My current status is that the Nvidia and Sil controllers operates in ide mode,
I have Ubuntu 8.10 AMD64 installed to one of the Hitachi drives and WinXP to ide hdd (I don't need XP anymore), all my files are on Hitachi and Samsung drives and the Seagate drives are empty.

At the end it should look like this:
IDE hdd: Ubuntu
2xSamsung: Raid 1
4xHitachi: Raid 5 or 0+1
4xSeagate: Raid 5 or 0+1

or this:
IDE hdd: Ubuntu
2xSamsung: Raid 0
4xHitachi: Raid 0
4xSeagate: Raid 5 or 0+1

I'd like to start with the Seagates and the Promise controller. I know this is not a hardware raid controller, but it has its own xor unit and cache. Is it even possible to get these several years old drivers from Promise for Suse or RedHat to work with Ubuntu? If not, linux supports the S150 SX4 but it doesn't use the xor unit or cache, that would be a big performance hit in raid 5.
It would be nice, if someone point me into the right direction.

dsio 16th December, 2008 04:27 PM

You willing to use Linux software RAID?

I'm running several instances of RAID1 on live servers, and the performance is very reasonable.

Setting up RAID using MDADM is actually really, really easy.

There's an app called Webmin that you can install that makes it point and click.

Aedan 16th December, 2008 05:01 PM

Like Dsio says, it's probably easiest to do through the OSes software RAID...

gedon 27th January, 2009 06:06 PM

Sorry, last time I've checked this thread was dec 14th or 15th :)
As you've sad, mdadm is really, really easy.
My only problem was the Promise controller. only debian recognized the drives connected to that controller, but it didn't like my mainboard (igpu/gb-lan).
One week and two cheap sil-controllers later I got it to work with ubuntu, but I'm not happy, I need more space.

I have an idea, but I'm not shur this will work.
Can I create two raid 0 arrays (2x250GB) lets call them md0 and md1 -> each 500gb
and then create md2 (raid5) with md0, md1 and two other 500GB hdds?

dsio 27th January, 2009 08:03 PM

Yeap, you can do that.

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