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ThunderRd 2nd April, 2009 10:12 AM

Xfce- updates broke Compiz, sound (for Cliff??)
I have been ignoring updates for some time now, and decided to let update manager run this time-about 20 fairly innocuous-looking changes.

After the required reboot(not sure which update requires it), all graphics-Compiz, emerald, etc were gone, as is all sound, sytem and otherwise.

I fixed the graphics by uninstalling and reinstalling the proprietary NVIDIA driver 180.27. Everything is fine with that now.

Sound is another problem. Cliff or someone else- have any instructions what to look at to check the sound drivers?

This is running Xubuntu 8.10 on an A8N32-SLI board-Realtek sound chipset.

ccperf721p 2nd April, 2009 02:59 PM

Had a similar issue on a laptop.
My fix was: Settings > Multimedia Systems Selector to ALSA instead of PulseAudio

ThunderRd 2nd April, 2009 06:18 PM

Good idea, already set to ALSA, though.

I did get it going by reinstalling the xfce4-mixer package. Don't rightly know why it broke on the updates but it would be nice to find out. I've found that I'm not too fond of the package managers [this isn't the first time stuff has broken after an update]; but there isn't much choice except really knowing fully which packages you need.

booman 6th April, 2009 07:54 PM

I refuse to update because I keep hearing this same story. My Fedora 8 is working great and I don't want to mess it up with updates. Some day I'll have to do it, but for now I don't want to troubleshoot it. Good Luck

ccperf721p 7th April, 2009 05:32 AM

Ubuntu derivatives usually aren't too bad on updates. Every once in awhile something will get missed though. It's to be expected as with any OS

You also have to be wary of not updating as well though. Updates in linux are often security based and not just additional features.

ThunderRd 7th April, 2009 06:14 AM

When something does break on an update package, I have found that it is normally something quite simple, like a reinstall of some dependency or another.

Finding which one is the tough part. ;) I've been lucky with trial and error so far.

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