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Daniel ~ 28th August, 2012 09:45 PM

i7Z Monitoring the i3, i5 and i7 Intel CPU
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Overclocking in Linux is new to me. Overclocking the i7 2600K chip, new and strange. As I was slowly drawing these two things together..I stated to get very nervous...What was my CPU doing? was it ramping up as it should to meet my overclocking settings?

What were those settings costing in terms of heat output? A 5.0 gig chip is cool only if it isn't running to hot!

So I asked in the forums for a way to put eyes on my cores, something that would tell me real time what they were going though to do my bidding.

Aiden found what for me is a near perfect solution...To good to let it be buried in the thread that brought it to me.

Overclockers and hangers on....I give you the iZ7 tempreture monitoring tool!!

chrisbard 29th August, 2012 09:19 PM

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Nice overlay,, oh wait, is it working on top or just about? :rolling:

Ladies and gents I give you "eye" on the core! :D

Daniel ~ 29th August, 2012 09:22 PM

Ok I'll bite...On top of what?

chrisbard 29th August, 2012 09:39 PM

On top of whatever app you are using (either game or burn in test).

Daniel ~ 29th August, 2012 10:08 PM

Ah...(At Lest It think it's "Ah"). It's running Folding @Home.

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