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Daniel ~ 19th July, 2007 05:00 PM

Free phone for life?
Written by Daniel
Thursday, 19 July 2007

A Web Phone Called ooma
by Olga Kharif

A Web Phone Called ooma
With its quirky version of Internet phone calls, a startup hopes to succeed in a business where others have failed
The secret that was "ooma" is out. Over the past few years, the stealth startup had managed to raise $27 million in funding from Silicon Valley heavyweights like Draper Fisher Jurvetson and The Founders Fund—all without divulging what product or service it was developing

And so the innovative new concept behind the hush-hush is…an Internet phone?
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fearless joe 19th July, 2007 08:42 PM

has anyone yet just got a mobile (a smart one) and got there contract to be only in data then, loaded skype or one of the others on to it.???

im thinking that maby the data transfure of allwase being online could kill the power.

or failing that your mobile phones your house, which then, somehow, transfurs you to the voip to call other countrys

this is all a little off topic, i dont think ooom.. whatever its called will catch on

too much compertition and i cant see an advantage

Aedan 20th July, 2007 09:35 AM

VoIP is great on a controlled network, where latency and packet loss are known. Mobile (Cellular) networks are anything but that. Latency is often high (>300ms) and unpredictable, and packet loss is not uncommon. Pure mobile peer-to-peer doesn't work on GSM/3G networks, as the design is such to prevent phones talking directly to each other.

I'm not sure how well VoIP works in mobile environments. I have a smartphone that can support VoIP in the gise of SIP, but I haven't attempted it yet. Might be interesting to find out.

fearless joe 28th October, 2007 01:32 AM

update, i just got a new phone, a nokia, erre 6... something i duno

point being on the standby screen before i got rid of it was a built in skype button.

few of my mates with other phones on other networks have the same thing and one of them gets unlimited net access on it too

whats more worrying is that it also had an ebay button built it, this could lead to badness and my bank acount being very empty

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