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SiGmA_X 9th May, 2003 05:33 AM

Okay, well, it's a WIP (Work In Progress) but here goes:

The date/time of last update might be wrong.. The server likes switching between Texas (-7) time and GMT (+/-0).. It is a farm, and one of the nodes has a error.. If the time is 8hr off of what the latest should be (with +1/+8 figured in, cuz of PDT offset of Stanford), please run this:

This weekend, I should be finishing up the script and Allen will put a copy on the AOA servers :)

If you have comments/suggustions, please post here!! Tell me what you want so I can make it happen :)

Allan 12th May, 2003 03:34 PM

As you know, I think it looks good. But it could still use a pt/last week and pt/latest 24 hours

Daniel ~ 12th May, 2003 05:00 PM

Looks great to me!!

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