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Guide: Installing XP using nVRAID - Getting XP to see nVRAID
Written by Aidan   
Saturday, 05 March 2005 12:11
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Guide: Installing XP using nVRAID
Getting XP to see nVRAID
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Getting XP to see nVRAID

Phew! That seems like a lot of work just to get things set up. It doesn't actually take too long to do however - you should be able to do it in five or ten minutes.

Hit F6 to continue

The next step is getting the Windows XP install on the road. Put the XP CD in the drive and reboot the machine! Now you have to get Windows XP to recognise the nVRAID set up. To do that, you need that driver disk you made earlier, in true Blue Peter style. Watch for the "Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver..." message at the bottom of the screen. It appears fairly shortly after the screen changes colour from black to blue. When you see it, hit F6. Don't worry, it doesn't immediately do anything, so you'll have to wait a while. In the meantime, you'll get a bunch of messages about Setup loading all sorts of interesting things.

Specify Additional Devices

Eventually, you'll get a screen telling you that Setup couldn't determine the type of mass storage devices. Insert the floppy disk in the drive, and hit S. Yes, you'll have to hit Enter on the next message too... Windows Setup will examine some files on the floppy disk before showing you a screen detailing two adapters. Don't panic - although Windows tells you that you've chosen to configure a SCSI adapter, it's a misleading message. You're still safely within the realm of nVRAID!

Selecting a driver

You'll notice that both drivers have the word "required" after them. That means they're BOTH needed. Select the "NVIDIA NForce Storage Controller" first, then hit Enter. That'll take you back to the earlier screen, where you need to hit S again so you can add the "NVIDIA RAID CLASS DRIVER" as well. If you don't install BOTH drivers, then when the machine reboots, it may well just hang when trying to start XP. Once you've added both drivers, you'll see the following screen.

Both drivers loaded

If you don't see BOTH drivers in the list, then you might have accidently tried to install the same driver twice. You'll need to hit S again, and make sure you install the other driver. Once you've installed both drivers, you can hit Enter to continue onto the next step - partitioning the hard disk. However, this is where this article leaves you, as there's plenty of good guides to installing XP. One word of warning however - don't take the floppy disk out until the machine is ready to restart. Windows XP setup will copy the RAID driver over to the hard disk during the first part of the setup. We're not sure why this is, but XP setup tried to access the floppy in our test machine when we continued onwards.


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