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A look at aftermarket chipset cooling - Introduction
Written by Cadaveca   
Saturday, 18 November 2006 04:27
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A look at aftermarket chipset cooling
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In the past months we have seen a plethora of motherboards and chipsets debut…between AMD’s AM2 and Intel’s Core 2 Duo, supporting parts are popping up on a seemingly monthly basis. With the added power and functionality these new platforms provide, it can prove very difficult to keep these chipsets cool, with most OEM’s going so far as to adopt heat pipe solutions on their “Enthusiast” lines. However, being “Enthusiast” products, these products tend to end up being used by just who they were intended for…enthusiasts.

Not satisfied with what’s been given, seeking even more performance, or just seeking silence, an enthusiast needs some options, and quite a few companies are willing to provide. Today we look at four of these options, three passive coolers, and one active cooler. Let’s take a look…

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