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A look at aftermarket chipset cooling - ZALMAN ZM-NBF47
Written by Cadaveca   
Saturday, 18 November 2006 04:27
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A look at aftermarket chipset cooling
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First up we have the ZALMAN ZM-NBF47, a blue aluminum passive cooler. ZALMAN has a history of providing quiet cooling, and proclaim themselves to be “leading the world of Quiet Computing Solutions”. Having many different products and a contract with a certain gamer, they are well known.

Inside the package are the necessary mounting clips for both looped mountings and push-pins for thru-holes, a small tube of thermal paste, a blue case badge sporting the new “Zm” logo, and some instructions. The “flower” shaped heat sink is built in the same style as the rest of ZALMAN’s flower-style products…a series of aluminum fins are sandwiched together with a couple of bolts, anodized, and given a flat bottom…this one weighs in at 57grams and measures 81(L) X 37(W) X 47(H)mm.

The ZALMAN logo can be seen on each fin and they claim “The use of ZM-NBF47 with any of the following CPU coolers will provide a more stable and noiseless PC environment: CNPS7000 Series, CNPS7700 Series, CNPS8000 Series, and CNPS9500 Series.”…presumably due to the airflow that the mentioned coolers provide. The bottom is milled to a shiny surface that really betrays the fact that this cooler is assembled from about 26 parts.

At the angle provided in the previous picture it’s easy to see the finish and although the reflection isn’t crystal clear, it still appears highly polished with very faint mill marks marring the reflection. The cooler mounts attach to the bottom of the heat sink with a small screw and nut, and the package has different arms for loops and pins, which can be flipped over for added length. Due to its size, it cannot be mounted in every motherboard with every configuration, so please check ZALMAN’s site for motherboard compatibility. But what about the others?

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