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Review: Nidec Gamma 28 Blower Fan
Written by danrok   
Tuesday, 18 January 2005 11:07

The Nidec Gamma 28 is a blower fan intended for the cooling of electronic devices. Click on the link below to take a further look.

Review: Nidec Gamma 28 Blower Fan


This is a centrifugal fan which I have bought with the intention of cooling the RAM modules in my PC. The idea being to get some air flowing over the memory heat spreaders without increasing noise levels.

The Nidec Gamma 28 is similar to the type of fan which is commonly found on high-end graphics cards, except it is bigger. The fan housing is solid and robust to the touch and appears to be made from some form of fibre reinforced plastic. This would indicate to me that it is of good quality.


nidec gamma 28 fan

nidec gamma 28 fan

Nidec Gamma 28 Fan


Model: A34351
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Nominal Voltage: 12 v
Power Consumption: 0.23 amp
Air Flow: 10 CFM
Noise: 39 dBA
Fan Diameter: Approx. 55mm
Housing Size: 75 x 75 x 30mm

Noise and Air

To give the fan a quick spin, I plugged it in to a fan header on the motherboard. I was pleased with the lack of noise - not totally silent of course, but quiet enough to the ear.

I placed my fingers next to the air outlet port and could easily feel the pressure and air flow. It is easy to see that this fan is ideal for spot cooling of small components such as voltage regulators or any other device you might want to cool.

The fact that the flow rate is only 10 CFM does not mean that it will be poor at cooling. For certain applications a lower CFM is better. That coupled with higher air pressure gives useful characteristics which cannot be found with other types of fan.

nidec gamma 28 fan

The air outlet


I bought this fan to keep the RAM cool and it should serve this purpose well. I can see that it could also be used in other cooling situations.

Essentially a blower fan can work in two different ways. It can be used to either direct cool air at a surface or to remove heat from a more general area. When being used for heat extraction the air can also be ducted through some kind of pipe on the exhaust side. However, placing an object or narrow aperture near to the intake may harm airflow. So, only the exhaust side of the fan can be partially obstructed.

Larger fans of this type are often used for the extraction of dust and fumes in industrial working areas.


The fan preforms pretty much as expected, although at about £14.00 a pop you would hope so!

This is a versatile blower fan which could be put to good use in an overclocked system. Overall it is of good build quality and is quiet in operation.

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