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Armor Case Mod - Page 2
Written by Booman   
Friday, 29 August 2008 22:00
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This old CTX case was given to me with an old Pentium 2 inside. Like Always, I opened up the case to see how well the case was constructed. Its a smaller mid-sized tower with the power supply mounted sideways over the CPU. Not the best location for allowing room to mount large 3rd party heatsinks & fans. There is room for three external 5.25 and two 3.5 drives slots. No external USB header connections so the 3.5 slots will come in handy for multi-card readers and USB/audio drives. The front bezel also has an interesting simple door that folds over the lower external drive slots. I made plans to mod some letters in it because its plasic Don't you love the fancy gray & purple paint job? I was very hesitant to paint over that lucious purple but it had to be done! My other concerns were the vent areas on the left side panel. It may get in the way when cutting a window. I'll have to work it into my design...

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