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Armor Case Mod - Page 9
Written by Booman   
Friday, 29 August 2008 22:00
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To finish up, there is a small strip of plastic on the front bezel that holds the power buttons & leds, I painted it a gold/brass color so it would stand out from the rest of the case. I could have painted it black but I felt that it should have some character rather than look exactly like the rest of the case (kinda like a pin-stripe on a car). Once all the rivets were added and the case was assembled I really thought it looked finished....but something was missing on the window. I felt like I needed to add some kind of design.


For taking pictures I needed something light for the background and a decent diffused light source. I happen to have a sky-light in my living room that absorbs sunlight and diffuses it into the entire room. It's a great source of light. Then I had an extra piece of greyish carpet from my office build and just propped it up on a chair so the background would consist of lighter shades to darker shades.

Decent lighting and background will only improve the look of your mod.

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