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Armor Case Mod - Page 10
Written by Booman   
Friday, 29 August 2008 22:00
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To screen the blow-hole fan I found an old speaker that had a grill over it. I took it off and cut off the excess metal, painted it black, then mounted it on the bezel with hot glue, using rubber mounts to hold the fan on. I think it worked rather well. I've looked for grills and screens before and it's hard to find something decent that will look good and hide the fan.

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I started thinking about what I could do artisticly to the window. Paint something? Etch some words or a design? I've got it, how about a bloody hand print? I had some extra oil based ink from printmaking, so I pulled it out and used a roller to apply it to my hand. Then I carefully pressed my hand onto the window and left a hand print. Why oil based ink? Because its absolutely permament. It can be scratched off if you are determined, but otherwise it's as permanent as the paint job.



Feel free to drop into the forums and tell booman what you think about this mod!

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