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Case Mod: Antique Breadbox
Written by SurlyJoe   
Friday, 02 July 2004 08:04

Here's a little somethin  I slapped together for the wife.

Ever since I slapped a PC on the kitchen counter for another frag station, the wife has lamented about how ghetto it looked. Prompted to find something in a "kitchen theme" to stuff the guts into, I had been searching for what seemed like years when I spied this old breadbox foundering at some old lady's perpetual garage sale. She had apparently spray canned the top and front some time ago and done some flower stencils on the doors to add that extra appeal, but the sides are still the original wagon red, although I gotta admit it looks pretty shiny in that pic.

I grabbed an old mobo tray off the pile in the attic and sized it up. It was gonna be tight getting a full sized board in there, but there was definitely enough room.

After a little nip and tuck with the aviation snips, it's looking a little more like it might fit

As I said, The sides are pretty well worn, which is gonna work to my advantage.

Before I gashed out the back, I decide to get the cooling straightened out. It had some stamped grills on the sides that straddled the two compartments, so I will hide some 80's behind them after I open up the holes a little.

Fortunately this is an antique with a rich patina (aka: pretty thrashed) so gouging some holes in the side with a 3/16" bit didn't really detract from the overall theme.

This is how much I am gonna have to Dremel off the shelf to get the fans in. I probably should've grabbed some ear plugs at this point

I mounted the fans one pulling and one pushing to try and get some cross flow

I had a couple of Nidec Beta XL temp controlled fans I picked up for fifty cents each that are silent at 7v until it gets real hot, and attached em in with a little OEM glue stick and some small screws.

Back out with the tin snips, I got the tray and PSU filleted into the rear, I added a couple pop rivets to the back of the shelf where the old spot welds had let go to try and get a little rigidity back into it.

I was trying to stay away from any visible mounting from the outside, so I needed a shelf for the optical drive. After much Coors' I decide that the least effort and highest success rate lied in some 3/8 plywood hiding behind the washing machine, once again held in place with good ole' OEM thermal bond. And a little more tin snipping to make a pass through for the ribbon/power cables.

The Hard drive mount is an inverted removable floppy cage from some old Dell or something.

Another small piece of ply to mount a single power button and front USB port and a bit of stain to give it that "down home" look.

I also stuck a bit of c-molding on the pass through to keep the cables safe

The wife was already sporting an NF2 400U/ Barton combo and with the Radeon 9600 she got for mothers day, its GAME ON!

Getting the board in and out is fairly easy as most of the wiring ended up at the front when you open the lower door, and once disconnected the whole mess slides out the back

This is where it will live out its days serving up fad diets and chain letters with the mercy of an occasional frag session. The footprint freed up a bit of counter space and the missus doesn't seem to mind as much.

I had a 15" LCD that needed new back lights I was going to paint to match for her, but when I got around to pulling out, the screen had been cracked, and a replacement was more than a new monitor, so that will have to wait till I can pony up for a 17" or find another one in need or repair.

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