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Case Mod: Anti-Dustbunny - Final assembly
Written by Mojo1340   
Sunday, 04 July 2004 08:14
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Case Mod: Anti-Dustbunny
Final assembly
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Now for the final assembly! As you can see in the case picture, I already had a fan, fanguard and a hole to mount the filter. So off came the side panel. After removing the 4 mounting screws I had everything apart and ready for assembly. Mr. Bones approves!


Place 4 acorn nuts on the threaded rods and place then through the holes in the corners of the fanguard. Turn this assembly upside down and place on a stable, flat surface. Center the disk on the fanguard and put the filter on top of the disk. Lay an O-ring in the groove on the filter. 4 washers then go over the screws. Mr. Bones says you should end up with something like this.


Next, place the side panel over the 4 screws and stretch the other O-ring over the screws. The filter assembly will be on the outside of the panel and the second O-ring on the inside.


This O-ring gives a good seal as well as dampening any vibrations that the fan may generate. Speaking of the fan, it goes on next followed by the acorn nuts. Be sure to orient the fan so it blows air into the case. Most have an arrow to indicate air flow. Snug up the nuts, being careful not to break the fan, check the fan to see that it turns freely and you’re done with this phase of the project. It should look like this.


Here’s a view from the other side. As you can see, I covered the aluminum disk with some carbon fiber vinyl to match what I did to my case front and keyboard.


Plug the fan in, put the side panel back on and we’re good to go. Here’s a shot of the case with the filter installed. Notice the blowhole fan mod on top of the case. A fan in this location really keeps case temperatures down. I can control top, side and front fan speeds from a 3.5 inch bay bus on the front panel. An interesting side benefit of this mod is that the filter also makes a very good muffler. I now run this fan as fast as it will go and it’s whisper quiet.


I know, I know. The wiring is a mess. I’m upgrading the processor, memory and graphics card soon and will sleeve and dress the wiring then.

Next, I’ll filter the air coming in the front and rear of the case and then we’ll see how air flow and temperature are affected, if at all.

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