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4-Way Intel P35 Motherboard Overclocking Roundup
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 29 November 2007 22:32

Madshrimps show us the best mobos for overclockers:

The P35 chipset has been around for quite a while and definitely gives an extra boost to your Intel CPU. A high front side bus combined with very decent memory tweaking pushes your system to the edge. Today, we have a look at the MSI Platinum Combo, the DFI P35 Lanparty, Foxconn's P35AP-S and the Asus P5K Vanilla.

Read the full review at Madshrimps:

MSI has always delivered decent motherboards for both AMD and Intel, whereas DFI, known for its fabulous S939 boards, has had some problems with the production of motherboards with an Intel chipset in the past. However, it seems that Oskar Wu has done some magic.

The DFI is built for the enthusiasts, whereas MSI is not very popular amongst the enthusiast’s community, though most boards are built up very decently, remember the Neo2 ? Both MSI and Foxconn sent us a board compatible with both DDR2 and DDR3. The Asus P5K has been around since the release of the P35 chipset.

Price/performance is important, so let’s find out if the less expensive motherboards can keep up with the high-end.

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