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In the hope of renewal and re-acquaintance
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 03 July 2013 02:11

So many things have transpired this year that it is hard to know where to start.

AOA has experienced a considerable and protracted slowdown of traffic. As you already know, Alliance of Overclocking Arts was established as an overclocker's site. But the landscape of the overclocking hobby has changed dramatically in the past few years. It simply isn't the black art that it once was. Those of us who have taken AOA upon ourselves as an avocation have been powerless to change this.

We intend to try to maintain and support AOA as we move out in a new direction. How long we can do this will depend upon our success in our new endeavor.

In an effort to follow our own interests as they have emerged over time, we have decided to branch out into a new area of computing.

We are opening a new Linux Gaming site.

This is why we are contacting you. We would very much like to invite your participation in launching the new site.

We have been working for several months, putting together a library of first class games that can utilize modern hardware. Not always the newest games, but usually the best of games.

What we have now is a forum; what we need is you. Please come and help us kick the tires. And don't worry if you're not running Linux...yet. You might just decide to take a test drive after you see what we've got.

We hope to see you at


Daniel Edgar [Daniel~]
Chris Richards [Gizmo]
Dan Marsh [danrok]
Graham Murphy [Aedan]
Brian McCracken [booman]
Bob Zubaly [ThunderRd]


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