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The begining of the end for the PC
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 16 October 2006 16:14

Will we still have a PC sitting on a desk at home in the future? Let's say in 10 years time?

I think, probably not. The end of the PC home computer (and thankfully Windows along with it) has already begun.

The main factors which will kill off traditional desktop computers are already in place.

The First Factor: Fed up with Microsoft

Most of us, if not all, crave for a viable alternative to Microsoft's Windows operating system. We don't want a computer which becomes riddled with viruses, malware, spyware and the rest. Yet, we are stuck with one.  Most PC owners can't fix the operating system and resent paying large bills to have someone else fix it, twice a year.

In general, people do not even like their PCs. Save for the enthusiast, who can actually fix it. 

Let's face it, a new operating system for the PC isn't going to happen any time soon. So, we need a completely new platform.

The answer doesn't seem to lie with Apple. Their boxes have been around decades and they remain on the fringe.

The Second Factor: New Technology in the Home

Never before have we had so much electronic gadgetry in our homes. The one item we have had for a long time is the TV set.

Traditional TV sets employ old technology, the cathode ray tube. The CRTs in most TVs are not so good, they are low resolution. Small text is unreadable. This situation is changing at a rapid pace. Televisions capable of high resolutions are now popular, we have LCD screens and now HD-TV. The TV has become a digital monitor, much the same as a PC monitor.

What help is this? Not much, until you combine this with the latest game consoles, and all of a sudden you've got a new computer in your home!

This new computer can connect to the Internet, you can play games with it, shop online, listen to music, play videos, browse websites and send emails. This is all most people need and want and not a single virus in sight!  What's more the operating system is going to implode, just because you clicked on the wrong icon. 

But wait! Microsoft have got in to the game console market in a big way. No prizes for guessing why. So, be warned and think carefully about your future hardware purchases. Your sanity may depend upon it.

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