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Dell XPS Order Nightmare
Written by Dsio   
Sunday, 22 July 2007 23:38
On the 4th of July, three weeks ago, i ordered my dream laptop from Dell. An XPS M1330, with the specs in my sig. I ordered it because its the first truly brilliant laptop Dell has ever built.

At the time, Dell was offering a July 10th shipment date. July 10th comes and goes, and my order gets pushed back to July 18th. July 16th comes along, I arrange to have the day off work to set up my new laptop, and then they put the date back again, to July 23rd. Then a day later, July 25th.

Thats fine though, because I go back to university on July 24th (tomorrow), and one day late isn't the end of the world. Dell swore that this date was absolutely accurate. On Dell's company blog, they made an appology:

They explained that on the 20th of July, Dell had started shipping orders. This was BS. Its actually the second time Dell lied about it. They had previously stated on the same blog, July 10th that they had started shipping laptops back then.

So today I go to check my order status, and its pushed back again. Now August 7th.

So the laptop that I had been depending on, to complete programming assignments on, to write lab reports on, is now not going to arrive until a minimum of two weeks after I need it.

Dell's new laptops are designed to be completely different from all of their previous ones, as Dell is trying to distance itself from its old image as a low price beige box builder with poor support. The M1330 recieved brilliant reviews all over the internet, and the Apple fanboys are jealous as hell over it, so design wise, Dell pulled it off. But then, they take everyone's money, and don't deliver.

Some people have 8 week lead times on laptop configurations. Its that bad.

So thank you very much Dell, for taking my $3150, giving me nothing, and misleading me for so long that its now not even possible to order a Sony Vaio as a replacement. You people make me sick.

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