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From the Union of Concerned Scientists
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 09 August 2005 15:01

Yesterday, President Bush signed an energy bill that pays lip service to renewable energy development and energy efficiency while including big subsidies to the fossil fuel and nuclear industries. Despite the lack of federal leadership, the Union of Concerned Scientists is committed to building the demand for real solutions to our country's energy needs--and we need your help to continue, and ramp up, our ongoing work.

Please consider making a gift to UCS today to support our work to ensure a safe, secure, and sustainable energy future.

The energy bill ignores our oil dependence, fails to promote renewable energy, disregards global warming, and even raises the risk of nuclear terrorism. One of the most promising measures brought to the Congressional conference committee was a renewable electricity standard, which would have required major electric companies to gradually increase sales of electricity from wind, solar, and other renewable sources from two percent today to about 10 percent by 2020. This provision was stripped from the bill before its passage. The bill will increase our gasoline consumption while ignoring conventional technology that could increase fuel economy, generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and save consumers billions at the pump.

The federal government appears to think we can drill our way to security and oil independence, but UCS sees it differently. We are working on real alternatives--encouraging renewable energy development in the states, pushing automakers to develop cleaner cars, and implementing market-driven strategies to speed our way to a sustainable future. Please click here to support our efforts today.


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